Participants – CURATORS’ AGENDA: VIENNA 2016 1

Participants – CURATORS’ AGENDA: VIENNA 2016


Adelina Luft (Romania/Indonesia, 1991) is a freelance curator, art manager and writer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She is specialized in Southeast Asian Contemporary Art with a Master in Visual Art Studies. Her current research revolves around curatorial practices in biennials from a peripheral country in the context of art globalization.

Aviya Cohen
 (Israel, 1987) is a writer, scholar and curator working in Jerusalem with a focus on philosophy of technology and theory of art.
Cima Azzam (Palestine/Jordan, 1986) is a graphic designer and emerging curator. Azzam currently works at Meem Gallery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Erika Martin
 (Costa Rica, 1984) is a freelance curator as well as founder and curator of satisFACTORY PopUp Shop, a curatorial and commercial project that has evolved into a cross-disciplinary nomadic brand that gather selected works of local artists, culinary artisans and designer with unique and innovative concepts. Currently curating URBANA, a photography show produced by Traffic, a Costa Rican based fashion magazine, that gathers works of 10 fashion designers, 10 fashion photographers and 10 art photographers.

Evelin Pál
 (Hungary, 1991) is an arts manager based in Budapest. She is a program coordinator at the Budapest Art Factory which runs an international artist residency program and facilitates exhibitions.

Gabriele Tosi
 (Italy, 1987) is a freelance curator based in Italy. He runs the non-profit organization LOCALEDUE, focused on the promotion of young artists and curators. His research is about the concept of synchronization and about the variability inside an exhibition project.

Liudmila Kirsanova
, (Russia, 1988) is currently doing her Master’s program in Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, where she is studying Art History. Her main research is concentrated on space and site-specific exhibitions of contemporary art.

Lorena Parada
 (Colombia, 1984) has experience in curating contemporary and new media art in Colombia and in the UK. She is currently finding and establishing connections between Colombian and international art institutions. Her field of interest is contemporary art practices with the use electronic and digital media.

Mahzabin Haque 
(Bangladesh, 1989) is an emerging curator and a visual artist. She has been working with a variety of organizations and independent curatorial projects mostly based in Bangladesh for last 5 years (as the Assistant Curator of the Visual Arts program of the Bengal Foundation).

Raffaella Mariadriana Matrone
 (Italy, 1995) is completing her BA in Economics and Management for Arts and Cultural Activities at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. In the meantime she is a collaborator for the Croatian independent association Nomad.

Theresa Kneppers (USA/UK, 1985) is currently working on developing an online art plaform. Former founder and curator of Bosse & Baum, a Contemporary art collectives supporting and promoting the work of young London based artists in temporary spaces. She holds an MA in Cultural and Creative Industries from Kings College London and a BA in Art History and Visual Culture.



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