Art Weekend Belgrade

AWB talk # 2 “Focus on Austrian Art Market Practices”

Friday, 11 October, 4pm
U10 Art Space
Kralja Milana 10
(entrance from Kosovke devojke 3)
11000 Belgrade


The international art fair – viennacontemporary
Presentation by Johanna Chromik

Kate Sutton – Art critic
The panelists:
Johanna Chromik – Artistic director of viennacontemporary
Max L. Feldman – Art critic
Andrea Kopranovic, Associate Director, Christine König Galerie, Vienna
Christiane Kada – Styrian State Government, Department for Cultural Affairs – Awards and Scholarships

Introduction and moderation:
Nevena Janković – BLOCKFREI co-founder and director


According to the statistics in various yearly reports, the globalization of the art world has been immensely contributing to the expansion of the art market, however, its main dominant players are largely influencing this growth and give us unbalanced information about the “state of the art” in the art market.

As the business grows for the “big players’’ a different scenario plays at smaller and mid-sized galleries. New trends are appearing with a higher demand for more diverse and inclusive artworks. New technologies are bringing new opportunities for online sales, as well as the use of the blockchain operating applications which are predicting the tastes of the art buyers (applications are used by auction houses Sotheby’s, Christie’s, etc.).

Still, the most dominating art markets are in the US, London (UK) and Asia (Hong Kong, mainland China, Korea, New Delhi), while at the same time art fairs in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the US are maintaining the appeal attractive for the collectors worldwide.

The panel has shifted the focus on Austrian art market practices and what are its main advantages and challenges. How its geographical closeness can be beneficial for smaller art markets nearby (Serbia, Croatia, Hungary) and how and what can be learned from an Austrian example?

The participation of Austria based guests is generously supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade and Bundeskanzleramt.



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