Critics’ Agenda: VIENNA 2017 4

Critics’ Agenda: VIENNA 2017

Residency  program for international art critics

Duration: 13. – 22. November 2017
Location: Vienna, Austria

’ Agenda: VIENNA 2017 is a pilot project of a residency program created for six international art critics who are invited to explore the contemporary Viennese art scene in more depth.

The program takes place from 13. – 22. November. During a dense 10-day program, six invited art critics will be given comprehensive and profound insights into the contemporary Viennese art scene. Diverse program will include artists’ studio visits, meeting with art critics and curators, visiting ongoing exhibitions and events.

The final part of the program is dedicated to cooperation with international art magazines, where the invited art critics will publish their texts on an exhibition, event, artist related to the Viennese/Austrian contemporary art scene.

The participants are nominated by a jury consisting of AICA Austria, Dejan Kaludjerović (Artist), Klaus Speidel (Art critic, Post-Doc. Researcher at the University of Vienna, Department of Art History, Studies Communication, Art, and Design) and Nuit Banai (Art critic, Professor of Contemporary Art in the Department of Art History at the University of Vienna).


Published articles in the framework of the Critics’ Agenda: VIENNA 2017:

SPIKE – Review by Rebecca O’Dwyer (printed issue)

SPIKE – Review by Mohammad Salemy

SPIKE – Review by Mohammad Salemy (printed issue)

Art – Agenda – Review by Orit Gat

springerin – Review by Andrey Shental


Artistic director: Jelena Kaludjerović
Producer: Nevena Janković

The upcoming editions of Critics’ Agenda residency program will be realized in the production of Verein K under the name Visiting Art Critics.


Critics’ Agenda: VIENNA 2017 is supported by The Federal Chancellery of Austria, The City of Vienna and AICA Austria.


Participants – Critics’ Agenda: VIENNA 2017

Panel Discussions on the Role of Art Criticism



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