READINGS: ŠUŠUR! Festival od riči 2016

August 2016, 21h
Square in front of the St Mark’s Cathedral
Korčula, Croatia

The emphasis of the 5th ŠUŠUR! Festival of Words is on the issues of origin, belonging and identity in which a language/dialect plays a vital role. The audience will have an opportunity to hear personal testimonies, stories, and fragments by writers, travelers, historians with characteristic immigrant status and (im)permanent addresses. They will discuss their positions as migrants, the artistic process that is determined by nomadism and other phenomena of exchange of cultural patterns characteristic for the “life abroad”.


Alida Bremer, Dragana Markovina, Damir Markovina, Igor Štiks, Jerko Bakotin, Marko Pogačar and Seid Serdarević.

Šušur! Festival od riči 2016 is realized in partnership with association KULA from Croatia and is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia and the City of Korčula.

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