9 – 10. August 2015, 21.30h
Square in front of the St Mark’s Cathedral, Square in front of the St. Peter’s Church
Korčula, Croatia 


ŠUŠUR! Festival of Words 2015 is focusing on the phenomenon of “summer readings”, romance novels and noir stories in the perception of regional and local authors of former Yugoslav countries.

In the warmest month of the year, on 9. and 10. August, ŠUŠUR! Festival brings literary treats to Korčula for the fourth time with the hot topic of Love & Mystery novels, reserving for each genre one evening of literary debate in the surroundings of the picturesque medieval old town of Korčula in Dalmatia, Croatia. During the discourse the authors will share with the audience their interpretation of the popular fiction genre.

Suspense caught between the scenic medieval buildings will accumulate on the first day of the Festival with carefully lined up writers, who will read and discuss the position of the Mystery novel genre. The audience will be welcomed by tension and action, crime and conspiracy in the readings of the following authors: Ante Tomić (HR), Želimir Periš (HR), Rumena Bužarovska (MK) and Mirjana Novaković (RS).

Susur 2015-02

The second day of the ŠUŠUR! Festival, during a romantic sunset as an adequate mise-en-scène for amorous arrows of words, the audience will hear more about different personal approaches to the Love genre, from the following well-known authors: Vladimir Arsenijević (RS), Kate Mitchell (HR), Stefan Bošković (ME), Srećko Horvat (HR) and Marko Tomaš (BiH).

ŠUŠUR! Festival od riči 2015 is supported by TRADUKI and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia.


More About ŠUŠUR! Festival of Words:

ŠUŠUR! Festival of Words is a literary festival conceived in 2012 by Kulturna akcija – KULA, association from Croatia, in partnership with BLOCKFREI with the aim to fill in the cultural their diaspora by using contemporary cultural production and innovative approach. (...)


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