ŠUŠUR! Festival of Words 2018

READINGS: ŠUŠUR! Festival of Words 2018

Friday, 3. August 2018, 9pm
Summer cinema
Korčula, Croatia


In a pleasant ambiance of the Korčula Summer Cinema on Friday, 3rd of August, starting at 9 pm, ŠUŠUR! Literature Festival in its seventh edition, entitled “READ ACTIVELY!”, will remind the audience about the legacy of 1968 and the values we enjoy today, which are a result of a self-sacrifice and activistic actions of our predecessors.
Half a century after this significant year, the invited guests of the Festival will talk about whether it is possible to influence contemporary society by writing, what are the implications of critical and transparent thinking, as well as to debate on the responsibilities and duties of authors when addressing controversial  social problematic.

The youth in the former Yugoslavia also responded equally to the social changes. The protests in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade and Sarajevo have produced some progress in a direction of human freedom and social justice. In response to polarized relations between East and West, the relationship between socialism and capitalism, and the Cold War itself, emerged Praxis summer philosophical school at Korčula whose teaching was based on the rejection of dogmatic Soviet Marxism, under the influence of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory.
By actively participating in the creation of social changes, intellectual youth from the territory of the former Yugoslavia played an important role in recent history. In relation to these important historical events and the impact they had on the society that we live in today, this summer, ŠUŠUR! festival gathers authors from the region of former Yugoslavia whose creativity, as spiritus movens, engages readers and motivates them to actively take part in creating their own present and future, and build open society.

On the occasion of this significant jubilee, this year’s festival is dedicated to the activism in literature. Invited authors will discuss whether subversive literary content can encourage readers to critically reflect on their reality and actively change it, what civic freedoms are endangered today and how can we preserve them, but also which ones we still have to demand.

Gathered audience will here more about these topics, as well as personal reflections and beliefs from the following authors:

Andrej Nikolaidis – Bosnian-Montenegrin writer and journalist, winner of the most important regional award for literature “Meša Selimović” for the novel “Hungarian sentence” for 2016;
Barbara Matejčić – an award-winning Croatian freelance journalist focused on social issues and human rights;
Nenad Veličković – a Bosnian writer and columnist, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, who actively explores the role of literature in education;
Suzana Tratnik – Slovenian writer, translator, activist, author of several collections of short stories, novels and plays; the winner of the most prestigious Slovenian Literary Prize awarded by the Prešeren Foundation.

The selected authors are regionally and internationally recognized and rewarded, translated into a number of foreign languages, and their performances invite audiences to think, react, and be socially responsible.

After the literary program, a party with DJ Ewoks from Belgrade will follow.


ŠUŠUR! Festival is organized by the Association Cultural Action – KULA from Croatia in partnership with BLOCKFREI. The original idea of ŠUŠUR! is to offer, in the peak of the tourist season, to the widest auditorium, a multicultural content and to influence the creation of new generation of contemporary literature consumers at this region.


This year’s festival was supported by the European Literary Network TRADUKI, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the Tourist Board of the City of Korčula.


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