TESTIMONIALS Curators’ Agenda: VIENNA 2016

Active involvement of young generations of artists and curators in the art landscape is of utmost importance for our field. In this way, we can discover new talents that will continue to enrich and develop this heritage further. I was very pleased to host BLOCKFEI and their exhibition I WAS HERE TOMORROW at KRINZINGER PROJEKTE and witness the synergy among curators and art students. The result was very promising and encouraging.

I foresee a bright future for the Curators’ Agenda program and its participants and look forward to seeing their upcoming endeavors.

Ursula Krinzinger, Krinzginer gallery


I think that Curators Agenda is a very vibrant program. Here we were exploring contemporary art in overlap with bubbling Vienna – what an awesome match! Dense everyday schedule kept us awake both days and nights: we were brought to diverse cultural spots in the city and were introduced to different professionals – curators, artists and art managers. We met literally every bright and important personality contributing to the local scene. My personal highlight is artistic studio visits, which really support to set up a relationship with artists and to encourage them to participate in your future projects.

Liudmila Kirsanova, Independent Curator (Russia)


Curator’s Agenda is probably the best way to get a deep knowledge of the contemporary art scene in Vienna investing a relatively short period of your life. You will be amazed by what’s happening in Vienna at a time when Europe is secretly questioning its own identity. The residency program is well defined by the world “connection”. Since the first day, you will have the chance to create strong relations, even friendships, with your colleagues from all over the world. The dedication offered by BLOCKFREI will also provide you with an informal approach with a lot of professional figures acting in Vienna: this is probably the real heritage of this experience for your future. From a technical point of view everything is well scheduled and you will be more than happy for the fact that your time, interests, needs and opinions are considered a real value by the organization.

Gabriele Tosi, Independent Curator (Italy)


The Curators’ Agenda program provided me with an in-depth view into the vibrant Viennese art world. The diverse schedule of studio visits, workshops, private views, and exhibitions was compelling and thoughtfully coordinated. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet other international curators and work collaboratively.

Theresa Kneppers, Curator at London South Bank University (UK/USA)


During the first part of the program you will meet many Austria-based professionals with whom you will have the chance to establish a network for boosting your career, but it will also be the moment to bond with your residency colleagues. One of the best things I enjoyed the most of the fast-paced daily schedule is that you will have meetings all around the city, allowing you to visit Vienna from different perspectives and, in addition, Austrian culture is not the only culture you will meet: you will be working side by side with curators based miles away from your country of origin. It was amazing to meet people from all around the world, who gave me the chance to know their culture even if I have never ever visited their country.

The second part of the program is more practical and it is your opportunity to give your best on the field. Setting up an exhibition is a tough task and being 12 curators is hard but challenging – teamwork is made of compromises, discussions and mutual understanding: finding the right balance will give you success. This kind of project gives you first-hand examples of how to confront a difficult situation and how hard dealing with institutions can be.

Raffaela Mariadriana Matrone, Independent Curator  (Italy/UK)


As an avid researcher of the phenomenon of artist and curator residency programs, it was not by chance that I applied to the C’A program. The schedule followed a well-designed, balanced structure introducing prominent stakeholders of the Viennese art scene. The residency kept me engaged throughout the six weeks – by co-curating the exhibition at the end, I feel I honed my interpersonal and negotiation skills which are highly sought after competencies. The helpful C’A team surely deserves praise for creating an insightful, fun, complete professional experience in a highly international milieu for emerging art professionals.

Evelin Pál, Arts Manager (Hungary)


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