The CA18 Agenda was a fantastic experience, from working with other international curators, gaining a knowledge of the Vienna art scene and most of all putting on a great exhibition at the renown Krinzger Projekte. Off the back of the programme I am now working with two of the artists we were introduced to, so I am massively thankful to Nevena, Jana and Eva.

Camilla Cole, curator and founder of Cole Projects, London, UK


It was an honour for me to attend BLOCKFREI’s residency program in 2018, during this program, we had not only co-curated an exhibition Tomorrow is Cancelled after numerous philosophical discussions, which artists were selected from Angewandte, and the venue was in an old-fashioned charming space of the gallery KRINZINGER PROJECT; but also gained a full picture of Vienna’s art scene through an intensive schedule, by visiting various art sites, participating multiple panel talks with museum curators, gallery curators, founders, and artists in Vienna. The program merged with academical and commercial backgrounds, nourished me by European historical art knowledge, meanwhile, encouraged me to practice more art into the real world afterwards. 

Melody Chuan, project manager in the architectural design company Archicake Design, Taipei, Taiwan 


Curator’s Agenda enables an intimate access to the Viennese art scene and glimmers of its neighbouring countries such as Croatia and Serbia. The structure of the programme opens up a discursive platform where one can explore, experiment and interrogate current trends on curatorial thinking, methodologies and strategies. It is a programme where one can sharpen their curatorial practice by delving into the diverse ecology of artistic intelligence afforded by the Imperial city of Vienna.

John Kenneth Paranada, freelance curator, UK/Philippines


The Curators’ Agenda Residency gives an amazing and quite exhaustive overview of the contemporary art scene in Vienna. We met so many inspiring art professionals and visited even the most hidden spaces for contemporary art. Working as a group of curators was hard, but everyone had something to contribute to the organisation of our mutual exhibition at KRINZINGER PROJEKTE. The organisers were very kind and supportive throughout the whole residency. Overall I had a really great time in Vienna and highly recommend the programme! 

Nia Tabakova, curator at “So Close so Far” organization, Bulgaria


The intensive, six week residency that is Curators’ Agenda covers a dense overview of the Viennese contemporary art scene which critically challenged and developed my curatorial repertoire for the better. In discovering the contemporary Viennese art scene, the program fine tuned my curatorial sensibilities towards identifying emerging trends in contemporary art that I now use in my professional practice. Most importantly, the first-hand accounts, advice, and discussions with leading industry figures in curating and culture built up my confidence to continue chasing my ambitions in curating. Now armed with an extensive network of curators, artists, spaces and institutions, I have a clearer understanding of the role and of my capabilities in curating exhibitions. The absolute best part of this residency is, without a doubt, the excellent people you meet throughout the program and the relationships you form with them.

 Nina Rokvic, Freelance curator, Sydney, Australia


Curators’ Agenda was well organized and all rounded. Days were packed with various museum/gallery visits, curatorial talks, mentor programmes, artist studio visits and planning the group exhibition. An intimate access to the contemporary Viennese art scene was such a privilege! The opportunity of curating a show at one of the premier galleries was also a major highlight. The Blockfrei team is dedicatedly invested in the professional growth of the participants and made sure that it was a fulfilling experience for each of us. I whole-heartedly recommend the programme!

Sania Galundia, Curator (Special Exhibitions), The City Palace, Jaipur, India.

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