TESTIMONIALS Curators’ Agenda: VIENNA 2016

Vienna is undoubtedly one of the most important and inspirational art capitals due to its rich history and it offers great possibilities for the participants of projects such as the Curators’ Agenda. Getting to know Vienna based contemporary artists, having the chance to meet professionals from Viennese art scene and holding an exhibition in Krinzinger Projekte are some of the valuable assets provided by the C’A. Above all, experiencing this collaborative process was a great opportunity. Considering that human nature is nurtured on social interactions, I believe that we all have so much to learn from each other. Long live team spirit! Thanks to BLOCKFREI team!

Bahar Ahu Sağın, Exhibition Projects Specialist at Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Istanbul, Turkey


As a resident curator at Curators’ Agenda: VIENNA 2017, I was able to get a much deeper understanding of the contemporary art scene in Vienna. Although I had been living and working with art in the city for nearly a year and a half, CA17 introduced me to very interesting off spaces and put me in contact with curators and institutions that would not be easily accessible otherwise.

Pedro Henrique de Melo, MAIS, Assistant to Vera Steinkellner at artist representation company Vera Steinkellner GmbH, (Austria/Brazil)


Curators’ Agenda: VIENNA 2017 opened my eyes to how diverse and dynamic the art scene is in Vienna. Through this program I met so many amazing industry professionals that were both local and visiting, including the other nine participating curators. I would highly recommend Curators’ Agenda. The local cultural and artistic insight, lasting friendships and group-curated exhibition made this experience truly memorable.

Michaela Bear, Independent Curator (Australia)


I can describe Vienna with a feeling between uncertainty and nostalgia. The impression of the monumentality of the buildings surrounded by Klimt’s image and his influence, followed with the uncertainty that allows everything to happen. The Viennese art scene is vibrant and diverse. During 6 intense weeks we met artists, organisations and curators, we experienced the city in its most artistic way, having an inside of viennacontemporary, Parallel, Curated by and many other activities that changed our perception and opened up our eyes and senses. The artists, participating people and colleges made of this experience something unforgettable. This program was an amazing opportunity for revealing and to be surprised by the exiting Viennese artistic scene.

Victoria Vargas, Independent Curator (Chile)


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