After Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgrade and Basel – The International Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics brings art to Vienna for only one Euro!

Opening: 14. November 2014, 7pm
14. – 15. November 2014
Karlsplatz 5
1010 Vienna


After a successful tour across the Balkans and Europe, the Vienna-based organisation BLOCKFREI and Künstlerhaus bring the International Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics to Vienna.




During two nights from 14th until 15th of November, we join forces to transform the Künstlerhaus building in a pop-up gallery that offers accessible artwork for all. This year’s International Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics is an exhibition that will gather creative people with the aim to promote design and kindred media in non-market contexts. One hundred (100) laser graphics by one hundred (100) artists, designers, illustrators and comic book artists, from the Balkans and Austria, will be hanging on the walls of Kuenstlerhaus over the course of two days.

The hot LaserJets will be constantly printing an unlimited amount of graphics, available to you for only 1 Euro each, making the art pieces affordable to the widest audience. Art was never closer to (the purchasing power of) the masses! After the great success in few European countries, the Summit arrives at the safe grounds of Austria.

The exhibition is organised by art collective TURBOSUTRA, in collaboration with the organisation BLOCKFREI and Künstlerhaus from Vienna.

Visual enjoyment wouldn’t be complete without the proper musical background whose choice is entrusted to the collective SEXY DEUTSCH.

This is a unique opportunity to dedicate this exhibition to yourself, prepare pocket money and COME! NO REGRETS!

The International Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics brings together creative people from various branches of the industry: art, design, illustration and visual communications. Our aim is to establish and publicly promote young designers and graphic design in general, as well as all the related media. In the twelve exhibitions we held so far, we presented more than 1300 works of art of both well-known designers and new hopes in graphic design.

This exhibition aims to establish a new concept in communication between the artists and their audience: “Widely Accessible and Cheap Artwork for All”. All the works of art are reproduced on A4 office paper, using only standard LaserJet printers.


Communications: Jelena Kaludjerović
Producer: Nevena Janković
Local parters: Künstlerhaus

The project is supported by Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Austrian Federal Chancellery and Ludwig&Adele.

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