Curator-in-Residence // Curators’ Agenda: Research Residency, Vienna 2022 2

Curator-in-Residence // Curators’ Agenda: Research Residency, Vienna 2022

We are proudly presenting our curator-in-residence, Nastia Khlestova, who was selected via open call in December 2021 in the framework of the program Curators’ Agenda: Research Residency, Vienna 2022.
She has started her residency on the 15th of September that will last until the 15th of December 2022.
As part of her Curators’ Agenda Research Residency, Nastia will visit the self-organized exhibition spaces to highlight the functions that they perform and trace their history. In her research she will draw parallels with the Ukrainian context and understand how and what are the differences between the models of functioning of self-organized spaces, the difficulties they face and their capabilities in Ukraine and Austria.


Curator-in-Residence // Curators’ Agenda: Research Residency, Vienna 2022


Nastia Khlestova is a contemporary art curator from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Master of Art History (Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Art). Doing a Ph.D. at the Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. Her work focuses on the modes of functioning of artist-run spaces, their history, and their structure.

Khlestova is the curator and founder of the artist-run space 127 garage in Kharkiv. Its main goal is to create a community comfortable for work and interaction, supporting young artists.
The main issues she is working with are the artistic process and the place of the emerging artist in the structure of contemporary art.
After the war started Khlestova moved to Graz, Austria. Currently, she is part of the Office Ukraine. Shelter for Ukrainian artists team.



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